Saturday, 25 May 2013

Talent Spy: A better scouting software

by Flashopen

The Portuguese software company F3M Information Systems wants to create the best software's for talent discovery and football management ever!

Portugal has been giving an amazing contribution to the world of football like the best football coach in the world (José Mourinho), one of the two best football players in the world (Cristiano Ronaldo), the best referee in the world (Pedro Proença) and one of the top five football-school worldwide (Sporting Clube de Portugal). João Almeida, one of the F3M managers, said to the news-agency Lusa that Talent Spy (their scouting-tool), will be soon one of the most used software around the world.

Talent Spy is now being launched in Portugal, England, Germany and Brazil. Next year, 17 other countries (including Spain, France, Holland, China, United States, Argentina and South Africa) will join.

Talent Spy is an absolutely innovative what concerns its target-group specifications as well as it is intended to democratize the scouting by attracting new and young football talents. Talent Spy is also the ideal tool for management and monitoring by professionals in this area worldwide.
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Source: Sapo Desporto

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