Saturday, 27 April 2013

Covilhã will debut street that generates electricity

by flashopen

A treadmill and part of the promenade will start producing energy to power lights and neon signs of Covilhã. It is the premiere technology startup Portuguese Waydip.

Waydip is a startup that develops cleantech R&D projects. The main project, Waynergy, transforms people and vehicles kinetic energy into electricity.

According to the Public, the first installation of Wayenergy should use two forms of energy production: the first aimed at harnessing the strength and weight exercised by passersby (at the crosswalk and sidewalk contiguous) and a second that is installed under the humps that flank the walkway, and that aims to generate electricity from the force exerted by the passage and the braking of the car.

The electricity generated by routine movements of the urban space will be used to support the operation of light panels and traffic-lights. Besides supplying power to devices, urban Wayenergy may provide, very soon, power to the entire city electric network.

The City Hall of Covilhã therefore admits being able to install this technology in other parts of the city in order to increase production and reduce energy bills paid for electricity consumed by the various urban facilities an equipments.

The solution created by two former students of the University of Beira Interior (UBI) has been targeted for patent valid worldwide. Since 2010 to the present, the Waydip already won three awards related to innovation!

Source: Exame and Waydip

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