Thursday, 28 February 2013

Trino, The Enchanted Instrument!

by Flashopen

Trino is an electronic bagpipe. It produces the same sound of the traditional instrument but is autonomous, small and easy to carry. It is a kit that allows you to rehearse or to practice in a very convenient way as you can control its volume. You can play Trino everywhere basically, outdoors, at home or even in the library! It is an easy-to-play instrument, therefore accessible to everyone.
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Friday, 1 February 2013

Tips To Prevent Credit Card or Debit Card Fraud

Credit card, Debit card Fraud what to do? Plastic card frauds are increasingly common these days because of booming online shopping and online scams. Few days back one such incident happened to a very close friend of mine. He got a call from an unknown person stating him that his debit card was misused by someone from United States for a hotel transaction and the bank system has found it fraudulent to block the transaction. The person also asked the bank account number and his debit card pin so that he could block the card. But my friend refused and went to the nearest branch where he has the account and inquired about the details. The support staff at the bank reported that there is no such frauds happened through his debit card and everything is under control.
To be on the safe side, he took few steps to prevent the debit card from being hacked in future.
1. You should submit a written complaint mentioning debit card abuse along with the phone number (fake call) which you got, so that in future it might help to register the cyber complaint.
2. Next step is to change the debit card pin number, internet banking pin number, internet banking account password, verified by visa password etc.

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What to do if my debit card or credit card is stolen? You can block the card, apply for a new card.
What if someone has misused your debit card or credit card, you can go to your bank, block the card first and give a written complaint mentioning the transaction date and amount. The amount will be credited back in 2-3 days.
In the above scenario, if you feel someone has hacked your internet banking account, you can block the account for a while (temporary blocking), apply for a new registration of internet banking and then override the old internet banking account.
Applying for a new debit card is good solution if you find that your card is hacked. Bank account and debit card do not match. So canceling the fraudulent/stolen card and applying for a new card can stop fraudulent activity.
There is one major difference using Debit cards vs. Credit cards. On debit card, if someone misuses on fraudulent transaction, the money from your account is debited instantly. The misused amount will take some time to get reimbursed too. The time taken will be from 15 days to 2 months. With Credit cards if you find fraudulent charges on the bill, you can simply decline the charges and not pay the bill. So it is much safer when you use credit cards for online transactions.

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For Debit card users, be careful when you use an ATM machine which has outdoor lock. It means you need your debit card to swipe to unlock the door to get inside the ATM. In this scenario, Skimming is possible. Skimming ATM is a practice of capturing your debit card information by running it through a machine that reads the card’s magnetic strip. When you swipe your card to unlock the door, it records all your card information and sends it to the hacker. Before you even get home, your account is at risk. Even if the thief doesn’t get your debit card PIN, he may be able to duplicate the card’s magnetic strip and use if for “Sign and Swipe” Visa or MasterCard transactions.

How to Protect Yourself from Credit Card or Debit Card Fraud?

You should be careful when you use your plastic card both online and offline. There are few more techniques to hack your card offline and when it comes to online, there are million phishing techniques to capture your card details. Always before you enter your card information online, check the URL at the address bar, make sure it is a genuine e-commerce site and know who you’re doing business with.
1. Monitor your financial statements regularly.
2. Activate SMS alerts for all the transactions in your account.
3. If you find something unfamiliar activity, report it immediately. Freeze your account.
4. Change your PIN, Passwords of internet banking monthly.
5. When you do online transactions, pay with your credit card. It has better security and guarantees.
6. You can set alert for your debit cards when your account dips below a certain balance.

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Recently I read at Hackstreet India about a Credit card fraud happened to a small e-commerce website. The scene goes like this – A user purchased a product from the website using his friend’s credit card. The shipping address and the billing address are different. The product has been shipped and few days later, the online shopping site receives a chargeback request from the original credit card holder saying that the given transaction was never carried out. The company has called the buyer many times and none of the phone calls and emails attended. How to solve this issue? Here are some answers…
1. You can dispute the chargeback with gateway provider by furnishing the proof of delivery within reasonable time.
2. You can also contact Cyber Crime Cell and file a case against the buyer.
Still the answers are pouring in. If you have a solution to the issue, do record your thoughts as comments below.

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