Friday, 30 November 2012

iPhone 5 transforms into a drone

iDrone Alpha App for the iPhone 5 

21.5″ iMac gets the unboxing and teardown treatment

Come 30th of November, Apple’s new 21.5” iMacs will go on sale, although technically since it’s almost towards the end of the 30th of November in countries like Australia, one customer by the name of Ben Pasternak has already managed to get his hands on the computer and has since posted a first look and unboxing video of Apple’s thinnest iMac to date.

While we expect the folks at iFixit will eventually get their hands on the computer and perform a full teardown, Japanese website Kodawarisan might have gotten the jump on them and have already posted teardown photos of the iMac. The website itself is in Japanese so unless you can read and understand Japanese, it looks like the photos will have to suffice for now.

So, who’s planning on getting the 21.5” iMacs today, or are you holding out for the 27” iMacs which will be available come December?

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Monday, 26 November 2012

Interactive Presentation of the "Electronic University" System

By InteractiveLab

Interactive Presentation of the "Electronic University" System. from InteractiveLab on Vimeo.

To present “Electronic University“ system at Far Eastern Federal University during the APEC 2012 summit in Vladivostok Interactive Lab developed a unique solution — panoramic projection screen controlled from multi-touch holographic platform. Using the futuristic multi-touch interface the presenter could scroll through sections to choose one he wants to speak about. With a fast hand gesture he would then throw the section's icon to the big screen where it would transform into a colorful video about the main features of the system.