Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Psychology of Social Networking

Psychology of Social Networking

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Augmented Reality - at its best

Sight is project by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo for their graduation project from Bezaleal academy of arts and surely an awesome concept of Augmented Reality too.

This short movie by Sight Systems goes through the idea of apps-dependance as well as how creepy it may turn out to be when used during a date with a nice girl.

So, try to get used to it, I mean, to the idea.
Don't get too excited though!

Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.

Friday, 27 July 2012

The evolution of the Internet

Introducing Google Fiber: The Next Chapter of the Internet

The next chapter of the Internet starts here.

Google Fiber starts with Internet speeds 100 times faster than what most Americans have today. In this video, we see the evolution of the Internet represented in three different stages. It started with Dial-Up, grew with Broadband -- and with Google Fiber, the possibilities are endless. Pre-register now at http://www.google.com/fiber

About the Video:
The cars and model installation were built by hand, and filmed at Agua Dolce airport in Santa Clarita, CA. The installation now resides in the Fiber Space in Kansas City. For more info about the Fiber Space, please visit http://google.com/fiber/fiberspace

Friday, 6 July 2012

Orsos Island: $6 Million Man-made Floating Island

by Daily Inspiration

The Orsos Island is a project of the Hungarian Gabor Orsos, a former hotel owner who wanted to combine the luxury of a hotel with the flexibility of an ultra-modern yacht, which resulted into the Orsos Island. The origin of the Island lies in Gabor's many years of experience in both, the hotel and fine dining fields, as well as the real estate and tourism industry. In the beginning, his goal was to create an exclusive, high-quality hotel chain based on floating platforms. With the progress of the project it became clear to him that the attractive and unusual concept of ORSOS Islands should not be limited to only a selected group of people. What do you think, a nice place to spend your holidays on, enjoying al the luxery while floating down the sea?

Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:
Orsos Island:

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

by Graphicmania

Advertising ideas are always the main element in attracting ad viewers to think of the advertisements and the ideas behind them. As a designer, exploring new advertising ideas and creative concepts can help you to learn more and fuel your mind with new, inspiring ideas for your creative projects.
advertising ideas bnCreative Examples of Advertising Ideas
Advertising ideas can be used in print ads, outdoor ads, TV ads and more. Finding the best creative idea that reaches the target of the client’s advertising campaign is very challenging, because it requires a deep understanding of the characteristics of the project, such as the product type, the target audience and the advertising campaign itself.
In this showcase I would like to share with you Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas for different products. Feel free to add your feedback and comments about these ideas and which ones you think are the most creative.

Motor City Nightmares: Horror Buckets

advertising ideas07Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

Doom Fogger: Roachville, The Living room

advertising ideas09Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

Poly-Brite: Bowl

advertising ideas14Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

Lojack: Car, 2

“#1 in tracking and finding stolen cars”
advertising ideas10Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

Kit Kat: Meeting

advertising ideas11Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

Mercedes-Benz: Multicontour Seat

“Remembers the characteristics of the driver. The multicontour seat with memory function.”
advertising ideas12Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

ZMG Newspaper Marketing Association

“Where ads stand out every day.”
Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

Ziploc Cling Wrap: Fish

Be fresh for a long time
advertising ideas01Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

Tui Travel: Egypt

Travel more, see more.
advertising ideas19Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

Amnesty International Uruguay: Roberto

advertising ideas02Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

Mercedes-Benz: Blind Spot Assistant

advertising ideas03Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

German Diabetic Union: Grenade

Every 10 seconds a life is lost as a result of diabetes. Take care of your nutrition and health. Deutscher Diabetiker Bund
advertising ideas04Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

Toshiba 3D Glasses Free TV: Fat Man

advertising ideas05Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

Go Outside Magazine: Mouse

advertising ideas06Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

LG Hom-Bot Vacuum Cleaner: Broom, 2

“LG Hom-Bot Vacuum Cleaner. House cleaning is no longer in your hands.”
advertising ideas08Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

Universal Seguros: Pool

“Insurance Plan Superfull, It Covers All”
advertising ideas13Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

Nagem: Click, 3

advertising ideas15Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

Playland: Seeing Cars, 3

advertising ideas16Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

Yum Yum peanut butter: Steamroller

advertising ideas17Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas

Globo News: Trees

“Hopefully these days make up for all others. Full coverage about Rio+20, only on Globo News.”
advertising ideas18Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas
I hope you enjoyed this creative examples of advertising ideas and Feel free to add your feedback and comments about these ideas and which ones you think are the most creative.

Source: Creative Examples of Advertising Ideas - Graphic Mania