Friday, 15 June 2012

Why Do You Hate Football?

I'm a football (soccer) fan. I like the game for what it is... like a few other million people on this earth. However, all my Dutch friends hate it and I found myself watching football matches on tv all alone.

Sitting on my couch, drinking my beer, with the right pillows behind my back, with a little table under my feet... and I can curse anytime I want in three languages!

Nobody is there to listen to what I say, I don't have to listen to what I might not agree with and, I don't have to walk to the fridge when I am asked for a refill... great! What am I complaining about?

I always ask myself the same question: "Why do they hate football anyway?" I have asked them, obviously, but I always get pretty much the same answers:
1. "Too much money involved".
2. "Too much violence going around".
I agree. But then again, what does that has to do with the game itself? The answer is (should be) also obvious:
"I don't understand the game".

That I can understand!
I also don't understand Baseball so I will never be able to enjoy watching it. But, I don't hate it!
Those two reasons, mentioned above, are in fact the main reasons why people hate football or, their excuse for not understanding it!

1. Too much money! I explain... and I'll do it here in this blog, because when we speak about this behind the bar, the music is too loud and we are, most probably, already half drank ;)
Too much money is because too many people pay to watch it. Simple isn't it?

2. Too much violence! I explain... violence is not a football constant but it happens (shit happens all the time), specially where and when there are too many people who pay to watch a football match. It does sound like reason number one doesn't it? But in this one there is an extra: When you have too many people you get a bunch without brains too. Yes, you get those in rock concerts, disco's, etc. as well...
I hate it. But guess what, I don't hate music! I love it, actually.

Later on, in a couple of hours, I'll watch the match between Sweden against England for the Euro 2012 and I will cross my fingers for England because I like the way they play.

I'll be sitting in my couch, cursing perhaps... and there is no violence around here, not too much money either (unfortunately!) and I will enjoy the game for what it is, because I understand it.

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