Saturday, 28 April 2012

What about Klout?

by Flashopen

Something is obvious about Klout, its services are not so obvious.
Not clear in its results, not clear in the way it calculates your influence on internet, not user friendly and above all, not transparent about how it uses your data from the social media channels your are involved with. Yes, its mysterious algorithms to rank your digital image on the net is even more questionable.

However, the concept/idea that is behind this social-spaghetti is plausible and very appealing for the most curious about their own performance on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Google+, etc.

According to the blog of Social Media TodayHow to Cheat at Klout Klout sucks! I agree.
You may want to have a look at the tips of that blog, that I believe, and if you've got previously acquainted with Klout, it will definitely not become a surprise to you.
I also think that Klout sucks too, but I'll give away their success though, of which is pretty impressive and that is obvious... yes sir it is!

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