Saturday, 21 April 2012

David Hillman Curtis

by Flashopen

Hillman Curtis

David Hillman Curtis left us for good on April 18th.
Hillman was 51 years old. He fought a long and a ruthless battle against a monster called colon cancer. He lost.

Filmmaker, designer and author, Hillman has designed sites for Yahoo, Adobe, Aquent, the American Institute of Graphic Design, Paramount and Fox Searchlight Pictures, etc. He has seen his own David Byrne's documentary "Ride, Rise, Roar" to win a price at SXSW 2009 and he shared his inspiration and knowledge by authoring several commercials for Rolling Stone, Adobe, Sprint, Blackberry, BMW amongst many others.
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Hillman was the inspiration itself and although he had left us, his precious work will stay and it will make sure we won't forget him ever! Good bye Hillman, God bless you.

By the way, thank you Hillman for making me to love Flash more!
Excellent book (2000): "Flash Web Design - the art of motion graphics".
Flash Web Design

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