Friday, 25 November 2011

Mondego, the silent river.

This is a very nice short documentary by Daniel Pinheiro about a river that I'm very well acquainted with: The Mondego. I was born in Lisbon actually, but I grew up in Coimbra city where this river is the main reason of its existence. It is also part of me, as I got its water running in my veins, and that, was not an option! My parents are originally from a village in the valley of Serra da Estrela, very close to where this river knows its begin: The Mondeguinho (The little Mondego). As kayaking was my sport activity during my student times, I have indeed paddled many exciting sections of its silent course. I'm really thankful to this piece of nature! Its harmony and beauty has provided me with a great joy and has made my youth much happier. Now, and because I'm living at 2500 Km away, to watch to a doc like this one, memories of unforgettable times are brought to present!

"Mondego" by Daniel Pinheiro from Daniel Pinheiro on Vimeo.

The Mondego, Coimbra and my children by @flashopen
Sets on Flickr:
Serra da Estrela

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