Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The New Google Helmet – Best Thing Google Invented

Love Android and Google? Wondering what’s the next awesome thing being worked in Googleplex by those cool guys? just got the inside scoop from the nerds in Mountain View (well, not really! that’s very nerdy). Infographic: The Google Helmet. ‘The best thing, since the last thing, Google invented!’Here we introduce you The Google Helmet. With Google helmet your life would never been easier than before. It will know what you are thinking, there is sensors to trace your brain thoughts, radar will locate your friends and family in the area, all the search result will display in Retina EyeStab display, Android-capable microphone capture every conversation then save store and share. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

Fully Lined and insulated Google helmet will provide the protection from the elements and allows your google experience to come with you not matter where you go… as long as you have access to Free Wi-FI. So what you think? Click on the image left to get a larger view.

google helmet large The New Google Helmet   Best Thing Google Invented

Click on the Image to view in large size

Source: The New Google Helmet – Best Thing Google Invented

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