Monday, 21 March 2011

20 Personal Brand Building and Monitoring Tools You Don’t Want to Miss

Nowadays people have realized the importance of a “personal brand” and how it can help bring awareness to who they are, help build their careers, and give them a voice they may not have had before. And with the social media realm being at our fingertips and larger each and every day, there are a plethora of tools to assist in building our personal brands, monitoring them and promoting them. Here are some I personally thought would be helpful and awesome for “your” personal brand building…

1. Facebook 2. Twitter and 3. Linkedin: These three are the norm, but some underestimate the importance and impact they can have. Depending on your industry and what your personal brand entails, Linkedin may be more suited, versus Twitter or both. Facebook is great to show off a touch of your personal side, if you are not scared to do so. Linkedin is untouchable when it comes to business networking, and Twitter is awesome for quick, real-time, sharing and conversing with people in your industry. I use them all, and I recommend trying them before thinking they are not for you.

4.  Google Alerts: A great way to keep up to date on what’s being said about you, your blog, your company, and/or whatever else is of importance to you and your personal brand. Keywords and names are a great way to keep the search simple and sweet and get an alert either whenever something is found or a daily report.

5. Delicious: A great tool to bookmark what’s important to you, about you, and your brand. I know I get overwhelmed by things I want to go back to at some point, this is a great tool to keep things organized, the way you want it, and making it easy to find when you are ready to go back to it.

6. WordPress: A blog that is custom made is a great way to show off who you are, why you’re important, what you know, and why people should pay attention to your personal brand. For example, if you are an expert in mobile technology and apps, use your blog to demonstrate this expertise. Then share your content through your channels such as Twitter and Facebook so you can build brand awareness for yourself.

7. Flickr: If you’re into photography, or have product/service, and/or event photos — this is a great platform to show people. For example, if you have a trade show, conference, or other special event that features what you did — people can see rather than just read about it. Especially for those who were unable to attend, they can still feel like they were able to take part, if they can see who was there and what happened.

8. Ning: a custom-made platform that can link to Facebook and Twitter and can also be made mobile accessible. A great way to personalize your brand and build a community around your brand and people who share similar interests and/or are in the same industry.

9. Twitalyzer: Great tool to see how many people you reach and when is best to reach them. That way you can release your content from your blog at the appropriate time and reach more people and continue to build your personal brand awareness.

10. Postrank: Helpful to see the relevance and influence of sites, including your own posts. Therefore, you can see what people are more likely to share and re-strategize if needed when it comes to content and what you share with others.

11. Great way to shorten your links to share more easily on Twitter (and other sites) and then go back and see how many people actually clicked on the link. Again a great way to see how popular your content was and which type of content you share is more influential in your social sphere.

12. Backtype: A great real-time search engine for news and opinions. That way you can keep track of topics in your field of expertise in order to respond, curate, and create content relevant to your brand category.

13. A great way to combine the information and links from all your profiles on social sites in one place for people to view and easily access “your brand.” Best part it’s all on one page for succinct, easy viewing pleasure.

14. Another great way to combine all your “social info and locations” in one place. This allows for a great visual representation of your online presence which includes photos, videos, blog posts, status updates, music listening habits, travel plans, and resume details. As seen below where you can click and view my Flickr Stream.

15. Wisestamp: Send emails? I assume you do. And if so, I hope you have a social signature which links to your blog/website, and most important social links. If not, you should definitely check out Wisestamp for its free and easy social signature tool. That way people can easily link to your content and social sites and again you will continue to build your personal brand awareness.

16. Twitter search 17. Hootsuite and 18. Tweetdeck: All three are great, simple, and free tools to see what’s being mentioned about you, tweeted, ReTweeted, etc. Although each have specific perks – they are all helpful for you to respond quickly and in-real time in respect to questions and comments. In addition it is also helpful to set up a search column on a Twitter platform such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck in order to keep track of what people say in a organized and timely manner. This allows to keep track of mentions of you, an event you may have, a product you may make, and/or anything else related to your personal brand.

Source: 20 Personal Brand Building and Monitoring Tools You Don’t Want to Miss

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