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Great Examples of Typographic Humor

First of all, what is typography? Is it just the print; the way the page looks because of the type? Is it just correct spelling and appropriate fonts? Is it the message when the type is put together?
Well, here is one definition:

Typography is the art of using typeset, not only correctly but also with taste and humor.

Typography is possibly the most important feature in today’s world of excellent web design. More than art, or photos, or even color, typography can make or break the book, the poster, the business presentation, and, of course, the website. In fact the choice of typography is considered by web designers to be directly connected to whether your website is successful or not.
Most of the time, we recognize the importance of type, headlines, words, etc on our websites, but many times fail to understand the delicious humor and one of a kind art that the creative use of typography can supply. Most of us think of headlines or titles when we think of typography, but typography can also be an integral part of the artistic layout and humor.
So, how does that work? Where can one find a correct source for good use of typography? The best way to find out anything about the web is¦The Web! That’s right, the Internet is filled with excellent displays of humorous examples of the funny side of typography and it is right under our noses.
For designers of the web, posters, or any kind of print, typography can be as beautiful as a painting. Sometimes typography is used to actually create a picture. By building the picture with various types of fonts, it becomes a work of art that is extremely attractive. Many of these works of art are also extremely funny.
Examples of typography humor are wide and varied but some of the best that have been found are:

1. A play on words (pardon the pun) is always funny regarding typology.

For instance, cartoons or articles about the Serif, such as “Don’t Shoot, I’m the Serif” or “There’s a New Serif in Town”. (For those of you unaware, a serif is a type of font with little tails.)

2. Typography geek humor


3. Actual cartoons using only typography as the picture, is an overall, general favorite.


4. Wisecracks using typography terms:


5. Typography parody (copying the font of the original brand)


6. Sometimes it’s the funny placement and design:


7. And very often it’s just the funny phrase or quote:

The fun part of all this is, as you get acquainted with the varying aspects of typology, the more fun you will have with this form of communication and art. You will find that learning just a litle about the history and humor will allow a greater appreciation for type; and you will also become acquainted with various different and unique typefaces and fonts.
This, in turn, will help you to recognize fonts and then help you make beter, more informed choices about the fonts and typology you actually use. Oh, and lastly, what do fish scales and serifs have in common?
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Great Examples of Typographic Humor
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