Sunday, 8 August 2010

Confession: I Schedule My Tweets

by Aaron
So why do I schedule tweets?

1. Spreading my tweets

I read a lot of tweets shared by a lot of great people from a lot of different sources like chirrps, google reader, and from my twitter list. So if I share all my tweets after I read them I’ll be spamming everyones pages with my tweets. So what I do is, after reading them I schedule them to post every hour, its easy to put all those great tweets to go throughout the day because I only need to read 24 articles/tweets and trust me I read more than 24 articles in a day but if I have a lot of time on hands I usually post 2-4 tweets when I’m on twitter and 2 every hour when I am asleep.

2. Time Zone

One thing about twitter is there is a big difference when it come to time zone, I was talking to @2cre8 on twitter and she forgotten that my time was totally opposite. It was 4am my on my end. Time time difference in Asia and America is nearly 12 hours. So whenever its 10pm here, its around 10am in the United States. So if I have an early class around 8am, I schedule my tweets to be posted once every hour till 8am or till my classes are over. After getting back from classes I’ll check the replies and reply everyone as soon as possible and read more tweets and schedule them again till I get back from afternoon classes. So its like read > schedule > reply > read > schedule > reply of course I don’t automate conversations.

3. Meeting New People

Since I have a big time differenec its hard for me to connect with a lot of people in the United States, I do connect with a group of them especially when they just got up from bed and ready to start their day. That is usually the time where I log off. So when I schedule my tweets I manage to spread my tweets throughout their day and meet them especially when they comment on the tweets and telling me what they think by giving their opinion. I usually reply them after I get up from my sleep of after classes when I have time.

4. Managing My Time

I am sure we don’t really have a lot of time to spend on twitter and other social networks. So after schedulling my tweets I will try to get other work done like blogging since I know I have 1-2 tweets that will be posted within that hour, I don’t really have to go back to twitter until I get my blog post done. People still will get tweets and they might comment on them which I am able to reply after getting my blog done.

5. Spread the Brand

Spread the brand? I think everyone has a brand whether they are on twitter, facebook or in reality. Everyone is branded with a name or an icon. Look at Donald Trump and the Trump brand for example. I remember watching Donald Trump on apprentice when I was 16. I remembered his name ever since. Now that is a good brand. On twitter if you want a good brand you have to stand out and be different. Whether you be the funniest guy out there, the most infomative guy out there, or be great like @tweetsmarter posting awesome tips on twitter and social media 24/7. @Flipbooks has a brand too. He is one of the most retweeted person out there. His timeline is packed with great stuff that goes viral and he is able to do so because people loves his tweets. I am trying to do that too. Last year I only post less than 20 tweets in a day and now I am increasing the number of tweets I’ve met so many people who enjoyed reading it and connecting with me.

So if you ask me whether you should schedule your tweets too? I’ll say, it depends. What are you goals? What are you trying to achieve on twitter?

So what do you think? Should you schedule or automate tweets?

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