Monday, 5 April 2010

My reaction in "The Real iPad Review"

Everybody is busy with iPad features, with what it does & what it does not...
Please folks, iPad is not a computer, not a photo/web camera, not many other things you'd like it to be or you don't mind it not to be.
It is what it is.

If you use it only to read books (that Apple let you to read), or to watch youtube movies, or to listen to music, or to creating 'amazing' drawings while you are traveling, you really should buy one and enjoy each one of its features. It is light-weight, (you can always have it in a plastic bag or something...) so you can hold it and carry it the way you want, with no effort at all. Ideal for children and elderly...I would say...

Well, not my children (6yo-twins)! They already use an old Apple (iBook) at home to watch movies, to play games, to chat with granny on web-cam, etc ... and at school they use a PC for educative games & other great applications of our time, ... so, for that matter, and for them (also for granny), an iPad would be completely useless, because it is not a computer!

Conclusion: To under/over-estimate the iPad is just non-sense!
It is what it is.

If the iPad could talk, it surely would say: "Enjoy me for what I am.. please".


Reply from the author of the article:
"That's a GREAT comment. It is what it is. Love it."

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